Top 10 Reasons To Call Kustom Kastle Handyman and Home Improvement

Top 10 Reasons To Call Kustom Kastle Handyman and Home Improvement


Many people out there think they are ready to play handyman in their home, and some are. But most aren’t! Here is a list of things that might help place you solidly in the category of “I need to call Kustom Kastle Handyman today!”

1. You have lots of little home repair jobs that keep piling up

2. You are working 24/7 and you just don’t have time to fix that leak

3. The cabinet door just fell off the old kitchen cabinet for the 5th time and your fixes don’t seem to be working

4. You don’t have the right wrench, saw, screwdriver etc. for the job

5. You have family and friends coming over and you don’t have time to make all those home repairs you need done

6. Your back hurts just thinking about bathroom remodeling

7. Electrical work like ceiling fan installation and light socket replacement scares you half to death

8. Its 100 degrees out and you need something fixed in the attic

9. You want it done quickly and correctly and don’t want to wait anymore

10. You are about to sell your home and you need lots of repairs done

BONUS: You have NO IDEA what you are doing!

If you see anything on this list that sounds like you make sure you give Kustom Kastle Handyman a call today!

We are a family owned small business that provides top quality Maryland Handyman and Maryland Home Improvement services.

**Free Estimates**  Phone: 240-528-8220 **Fast, Reliable Service**

Kustom Kastle services other areas too!

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