Wall Repair/Drywall

Are you in need of wall repair/ dry wall repair in Maryland? Kustom Kastle has all the skills that are needed to professional repair for you.

If you are a homeowner and you have holes in your walls that can be a rather ugly site. If you are planning to put the house on the market for sale, holes in the walls could bring the value of the house down, and you may not get the price that you want for the house. The hole in the walls could cost you thousands of dollars; really, who can afford that?

You should call us at Kustom Kastle to take care of your wall/dry wall repair in Maryland.

Are you an owner of an apartment building? Chances are you may have some rowdy tenants in some of your apartments, and they may actually put holes in the walls. After they have moved out you want to fix the place up so that you rent it so someone else. Give us a call at Kustom Kastle We would be happy to go to your apartment building and fix it up for you.

Sometimes there mishaps that can happen when one opens a door; if there is no door stop to prevent the door from hitting the wall, which can allow for the door knob to accidently go right through the wall. Thant can be a real discouraging problem. Don’t sweat the small stuff, give us a call and we will repair that in a quick hurry.

Kustom Kastle proudly serves Maryland with wall repair/drywall repair in any building;

  • homes
  • apartment buildingsDSCN8578
  • office buildings
  • churches
  • sheds
  • garages
  • hospitals
  • professional buildings
  • and many more

For prices and ideas check out theses retailers:

Home Depot Lowes

Kustom Kastle has been a family run business for a decade and we look forward to working for many more decades to come. We are proud of the services that we give to our customers. We treat each customer like family, because they are very important to our family and business. We take the time to listen to the customer’s needs and desires when they call on us for the job. We make sure that with every project that we do that the customer is happy with the work, because the job is not finished until the customer says we are finished.

We appreciate the fact that life can be very busy between the job, kids and the daily household chores. When you are sick of looking at that ugly hole on the wall, gives us a call to fix it for you.

images (11)It can be hard to search around Maryland for wall repair/drywall repair at an affordable price. When you call us at Kustom Kastle you can expect nothing but top notch service at an affordable price. That certainly be music to your ears.

When you call us, you will be glad you did.

Contact Kustom Kastle today for your Maryland wall/drywall repair needs. FREE ESTIMATES provided!

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