Safety rails or grab bars

If you need grab bars or safety rails installed in Maryland then you should give us a call at Kustom Kastle. Grab bars or safety rails are often used in bath tubs, showers, hallways nursing homes hospitals and bedrooms. They can become a very important tool especially for the elderly if they are no longer steady on their feet. Sometimes being in a shower or bath tub becomes rather dangerous because it tends to become slippery, this could become a horrible mess due to a fall.

Kustom Kastle is all about safety, and we know that it isn’t just bathrooms that may need safety bars or grab rails. The can be mounted virtually anywhere as long as they are mounted in a good secure spot on the will such as studs. If you need to have the railing installed in you hallway, near your bed or your favorite chair we can do that. The places that we can install a grab rail or safety rail is endless;

  • bathrooms
  • bath tubs/showersimages3YCYYO8L
  • hall ways
  • bedroom
  • nursing homes
  • assisted living
  • hospitals
  • churches
  • public restrooms


Our family at Kustom Kastle understands just how busy life can get, and we also know how important the safety of your loved ones in to you. That is why you should trust us to install the safety or grab bar for your very much loved family members.

Grab bars are very use full anywhere you want to put them. If you have a loved with an unsteady gait, then safety rails or grab bars could be the answer to helping them move about with a little bit of help.

It might seem impossible to find quality handyman to install safety rails or grab bars in Maryland; you really do not have to look any farther, because we are here for every possible need and every step.

images3W00O2CEFor a most reliable company to install grab bars or safety rails in Maryland give us a call at Kustom Kastle, the people you know you can depend on.

Kustom Kastle is a family run business that has been servicing Maryland for over a decade. We are proud of our experience and our craftsmanship. We have a very high standard when it comes to work ethic. We offer top notch work at affordable prices.

We deep care about our customers and work very hard to meet all of the needs and desires of our customers. For us, there is no project too small or too big to take care of; it’s all about the quality of work that we give. This is why we have many happy customers and, we plan to make many more happy customers.

Safety rails or grab bar is only one of the many services that we offer Maryland; general repair, light plumbing, and roof repair are just a few of the other services that we offer. If you would like to see a full list of the services that we offer look at our services offered page.

Contact Kustom Kastle today for your Safety rail or grab bar need. FREE ESTIMATES provided!

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