Maryland Caulk and Seal

Does your Maryland home or office need caulk/seal? Kustom Kastle is the right handyman company to do the job. Age can do a number on the cracks and crevices in any building. After time the caulk/seal will start to crack or even peel away. This can allow for damage to happen.

If the caulk/seal cracks and peels away from a bathtub or sink, you might be at risk of moisture getting into the wood and floorboards allowing for it to start to mold and rot. Around windows and doors, you could lose warm or cool air meaning your hard earned money is actually flying out the door due to increased energy bills.

You should have to spend your hard earned money on higher energy or heating bills. Or have to treat mold or replace wood from rot due to moisture. It is a much cheaper and easier solution to caulk/seal the cracks and crevices.

Family life can get insanely busy; the children have school, games, recitals and you have work. When the weekend rolls around you may be thinking about all of the items that need to be done around the house but there isn’t way you can get them done on your own. That is where we come in, give us a call at Kustom Kastle to come and take care of the caulk/seal for you so that you can call that task done.

 originalAreas where caulking is often needed:

  • Tubs
  • Showers
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Garages
  • Tile
  • Attics
  • Basements

These are just a few of the items that we can caulk/seal for you. When we do the job we make sure that all of the steps are complete to ensure the overall effects of the caulk and seal is going to do what is intended. We remove the old caulk/seal so that the new will be able to do its job.

We have been serving Maryland for over a decade, and we are looking forward to many decades to come. Our customers are very important to us, that is why we take the time to listen to their needs and desires and do everything that we can to meet them. We feel that the job isn’t finished until the customer says it is finished.

Our family run handyman service has a very strict and high standard work ethic, this is how our customers know that they can depend on us to be on time, diligent, safe and professional all the time.

General repairs, light electrical, furniture assembly, and sink installations are just a few of the other services that we offer. You can look at a complete list of our handyman services by clicking on our services tab.

To have that caulk /seal in your Maryland home taken care of, give us a call and then cross it off the growing to-do list.

When you call us you will be glad you did.

Contact Kustom Kastle today for your Maryland caulk/seal needs. FREE ESTIMATES provided!

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