Light Plumbing

Oh drat! The pipes are in need of some help. Call us at Kustom Kastle; we will help you with your light plumbing needs in Maryland.  Having leaky old pipes is never a good thing and they can lead to more long term damage if you do not get them taken care of right away.images (14)

The long term damage that leaky pipes could cause is actually quite endless and would actually cost you thousands of dollars in the end. You could end up needing to replace floor boards, ceiling tiles, insulation and possibly get rid of very dangerous mold.

To avoid having the domino effect to happen, give us a call to come take care of the old pipes for you.

Do you need to replace the drain pipes under your sink? No problem, give us a call we can do it for you.

Light plumbing doesn’t scare us at Kustom Kastle, it only concerns us for your safety, because we know what can happen if plumbing is not taken care of at a fairly fast rate.

  •  Kitchen plumbing
  • bathroom
  • faucet repair/replacement
  • basement
  • pipe replacement
  • apartments
  • houses

images (13)For over a decade, we have been a family run business, providing only top notch services to Washington DC and all of Maryland. We have provided many handyman services for churches, homes, camps and many more. We look forward to serving many more businesses and people for many more decades to come. Light Plumbing isn’t the only service that we provide; general repairs, ceramic tile installation, painting exterior and interior are just a few of the other handyman jobs that we provide. To see what services we provide Look at our services offered page.

Our customers are important to us that are why we take the time to listen to every need and desire and do what we can to meet that. No job is finished until the customer says it is finished. This is a high standard that we pass along to our kids because that is what a strong work ethic is all about.

We know how busy life can get when you have a fulltime job, kids, school, sports, and other activities that need to be taken care of on a daily basis; when a need for light plumbing comes up that is not something you want to deal with. Don’t start pulling your hair out yet, give us a call.

For any of your light plumbing needs in Maryland give us a call at Kustom Kastle, we promise you will not be sorry.

Contact Kustom Kastle today for your Maryland light pluming needs. FREE ESTIMATES provided!

We look forward to working with you and making your home improvement project a beautiful and valuable addition to your home.

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