Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a low-cost way to improve airflow and make your home more comfortable all year long.  Costing only pennies a day to run, ceiling fans move the air around, thereby regulating the temperature in your home and allowing you to adjust the thermostat up or down to save you money.  Kustom Kastle offers easy ceiling fan installation in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia.

Whether you have an existing ceiling fan that needs to be replaced, or you want to install a new ceiling fan in a room that does not already have one, Kustom Kastle can help.  Our qualified electricians can install all ceiling fans, rated boxes, wiring, and switches you may need. We can install your new ceiling fan in place of a central light fixture or install your fan in a new area by bringing electrical power to the chosen site.

Most ceiling fans draw about the same power as a ceiling fixture, so existing electrical circuits can handle the power needed.  However, if your new ceiling fan includes lights, we will ensure that your electrical circuit can sustain the required load.  At Kustom Kastle, we want to make sure that our customers enjoy their ceiling fans all year round—without any trouble!

Some of the electrical installation, repair, and replacement services we offer include:

  • Electric Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Electric Bathroom Fans
  • Electric Home Fans
  • Electric Exhaust Fans
  • Electric Attic Fans
  • Proper Electrical Service of Your Ceiling Fans
  • Professional Ceiling Fan Mounting and Installation
  • Home Fan Repair for Existing Ceiling Fans
  • Electric Ceiling Fan Wiring
  • Electric Ceiling Fan Lighting Inspection, Repair, and Installation
  • And more!

Check out some of these fine retailers for great Ceiling Fans:

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